Homemade Jams & Sauces


Our jams are made the old-fashioned way…using locally grown fruit, pure cane sugar, and natural pectin. Each small batch is made carefully on our kitchen stove just a few jars at a time. Varieties include blueberry, blackberry, peach, strawberry, sour cherry and apple butter. Our blueberry, black raspberry and sour cherry jams are made from organic fruit grown here on our farm. Red raspberry and strawberry jams are prepared with locally grown fruit from nearby farms.



FriendshipFarms2014_DSC_4972One of our trademark items is our homemade ketchup. The ketchup is made from an old family recipe with our organic tomatoes and peppers. This ketchup owes its thick, hearty texture to the whole homegrown vegetables that we use…it definitely won’t squeeze from a bottle! It has its own unique barbeque-like flavor that wows everyone who tries it. Enjoy it with burgers, chicken or as a condiment with almost any meal.



Other sauces:

FriendshipFarms2014_DSC_4950Pear Sauce: Our pear trees can be sensitive to our humid Laurel Highlands weather. When we have a good year for pears, pear sauce is a special treat. Very similar to applesauce in texture, pear sauce has its own special flavor. It makes a great snack, dessert, or spread for toast. It has a mild but delicious taste that goes with almost anything.



Apple sauces: As with our pear sauce…we make apple sauce when the crop is plentiful. Someone also had the brilliant idea of combining fruits! Try our flavored apple sauces all made with fruits mixed in….no extracts! Grapple Sauce is made with our own concord grapes and apples. Strapple Sauce…made with strawberries and apples. Bluepple Sauce…blueberries and apples…you get the idea!


Mapple Sauce is, of course, made with apples and sweetened with pure maple syrup. Try some and you’ll see why pure maple and tangy apples make an unbeatable pair!


Gourmet Hot Fudge Sauce: Our homemade Hot Fudge Sauce is truly a sweet holdover from our days in the ice cream business! This chocoholic’s delight is made like real fudge should be. We use butter, sugar, spring water, pure vanilla, and natural corn syrup. You’ll only need a small amount to sweeten your day. Heat it slightly to spread on your dessert. You won’t regret the effort!!

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Mixing dough from scratch.

Our Breads are made right here on our family farm using only the freshiest ingredients
Mixing dough from scratch.

Some of our equipment such as the French-made mixer pictured above are specifically designed to work with pure natural dough’s. This mixer provides a gentle kneading action similar to hand kneading.

French Stone Hearth Ovens

French deck oven

We bake most of our breads and other baked goods in our stone deck ovens imported from France. The heat in these ovens comes from the stone deck itself which helps the breads and other baked goods to naturally develop their hearth style shape and texture.

French bread just out of the oven

French bread just out of the oven.

How to keep our baked goods fresh!

Vegetable Bread Cut for SamplingKeeping our natural baked goods fresh is easy!  Divide them into portion sizes that you normally would use.  Place the entire package in a Ziploc style bag and freeze.  When you are ready to enjoy the item, simply pull out the desired portions.  Reheating can be done quickly in a microwave, but for better results, let the product thaw and place it in a preheated oven or toaster oven (350 degrees) until it has reached the desired warmth and crustiness.  Wrapping the baked good in foil will help prevent it from burning before its center has heated completely.  Heating or toasting before serving will restore that delicious "just out of the oven" taste.