Many years ago, on special occasions, we would have homemade scones for breakfast. Back then they were made from a simple recipe, and tasted almost like a sweet biscuit. Fresh from the oven, they were delicious served with apricot or peach jam. In later years, we remembered those special occasions and decided to try to make our favorite scones for our customers.

Today we make them in a variety of flavors, but keep the same wholesome recipe that our mother used. They are made with only natural, wholesome ingredients: unbleached flour, rolled oats, sweet cream and tangy fruits or premium quality chocolate chips. In season, we use our own fresh blueberries and raspberries. Using the finest fruits allows us to avoid using flavorings and extracts. We think you’ll notice the difference!

Scone Varieties:

Blueberry Scones:

blueberry scone

These scones are loaded with plump tasty and healthy blueberries. We use our own fresh blueberries straight from the farm when available. These make a great breakfast with tea or coffee.

Cranberry Scones:

cranberry scone

Loaded with tangy cranberries. These aren’t just for Thanksgiving. In fact we make them year round. Another great breakfast treat…one of these will give you energy and nutrition for the whole morning!

Raspberry Scones:

raspberry scone

These are a special treat. We load our famous scones with delicious black or red raspberries. We use our own organically grown black raspberries when available. For berry lovers, you can’t lose! It’s like berries and cream in a scone.

Raspberry Chocolate Chip:

coming soon
Whoever invented the combination of raspberries and chocolate was a true genius! The delicious slightly tangy taste of raspberries mixed with Guittard chocolate is hard to beat for breakfast or a snack!

Chocolate Chip:

chocolate chip scone

One of our most popular items. We use our delicious sweet cream and oats scone batter and load it up with the tastiest chocolate chips we could find. Warmed slightly, they’re truly heavenly!

Double Chocolate Chip:

double chocolate

A true chocolate lover’s paradise in a scone. It is somewhat like a cross between a brownie and a scone. Dark chocolate flavor is blended with decadent chocolate chips. We can’t be responsible if you think you’ve gone to heaven!


pumpkin scone

Originally a holiday item…these scones have become a year round favorite! Our original scone recipe with all the deliciousness of pumpkin pie…pumpkin meat and spices carefully blended in.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip:


Another awesome combination! Our scrumptious pumpkin scone with decadent chocolate chips blended in. It’s the best of the holidays all in one scone.

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Mixing dough from scratch.

Our Breads are made right here on our family farm using only the freshiest ingredients
Mixing dough from scratch.

Some of our equipment such as the French-made mixer pictured above are specifically designed to work with pure natural dough’s. This mixer provides a gentle kneading action similar to hand kneading.

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A Few of Our Baked Goods

Most of our products are available to wholesale customers. We would be happy to talk to you about how our natural products can work for your customers.

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How to keep our baked goods fresh!

Vegetable Bread Cut for SamplingKeeping our natural baked goods fresh is easy!  Divide them into portion sizes that you normally would use.  Place the entire package in a Ziploc style bag and freeze.  When you are ready to enjoy the item, simply pull out the desired portions.  Reheating can be done quickly in a microwave, but for better results, let the product thaw and place it in a preheated oven or toaster oven (350 degrees) until it has reached the desired warmth and crustiness.  Wrapping the baked good in foil will help prevent it from burning before its center has heated completely.  Heating or toasting before serving will restore that delicious "just out of the oven" taste.