Plants Native to Southwestern PA, MD, and OH.

Indigenous SW PA Plants


Friendship Farms grows locally native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses. Because many native plants can be difficult to transplant, our plants are grown and sold only in containers.


  • Native plants are historically well adapted to the local climate, soils and ecology.
  • Native plants are the natural source of food and habitat for insects, animals, and microorganisms in a healthy environment.
  • Planting natives rather than imported plants prevents “introduced” and often more aggressive plants (invasive plants) from taking over.

Native plants are also some of the most naturally beautiful plants in existence. They tend to blend and flow well together. If the right plant is placed in the right spot, natives can be relatively low maintenance, and beautiful additions to a landscape.

The bottom line is that using native plants is not only a healthy way to landscape, its downright fun! It’s pretty cool to know that you are working with plants that had been here a thousand years ago and supported humans and other life for ages.


TREES:                                   SHRUBS:                                 PERENNIALS AND GRASSES:

6-9″ pots                                 6-9″ pots                                  1 gallon pots

3 gallon pots                          3 gallon pots                            2 gallon pots

7 gallon pots                          7 gallon pots                            3 gallon pots

10 gallon pots

Note: We do not ship our plants at this time. Plants are available at our nursery and a few local farm markets. Please contact us for locations. Delivery is available locally. Please call or email for more information.

Nursery Contacts:

Joe Costello
Nursery Manager and Sales
(412) 558-9006 cell
[email protected]

(724) 423-1545 shop
(724) 423-6727 fax

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Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly gardens attract polinators and provide habitat.

Butterfly gardens from native plants are a beautiful and fun way to bring pollinators to your garden. Visit our nursery or contact us to find our how easy it is to grow wildflowers in your yard!