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Irish Soda Bread is back!

A little gab about the bread…. As descendants of Irish immigrants, we will be the first to tell you that the Irish were not known for flare in their cooking(although that has changed dramatically for the better). Sadly the majority

NEW! Boxed Beef 100lbs (quarter side) of our Black Angus Grass fed beef only $5.50/#!!

We are trying something new here at Friendship Farms! We are now offering boxes of beef…100# of our delicious grass fed Angus beef for only $5.50/#. The 100# includes lots of hamburger, stew, steaks and roasts. Check out the video

Working at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve!

You may have seen us out at the Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve near St. Vincent in Latrobe, PA. Trails are scraped and re-graded and then dusted with a fresh layer of stone dust. Adjustments are being made to discourage runoff

Spring Calving Season is here!

This moms a little tentative about her family’s big screen debut!

Christmas Items

Yummy stuff from our bakery!

Conservation Work

Conservation Work: Just completed a stream bank restoration job on a beautiful section of 4 Mile Run near Stahlstown, PA. Live stakes and native tree and shrub seedlings were planted sometimes literally using ropes to hang on…on a precariously steep

What’s New?

Well it sure is starting to feel like the holidays! Snow…freezing temps! The up-side is that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Families that maybe haven’t seen each other for months will gather together to celebrate. There’s nothing

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

Fall is a beautiful time at Friendship Farms. In addition to the spectacular fall foliage, fall-born calves are nursing off their mothers. Fall blooming wildflowers are in full color around the farm and in the nursery. Stop by the bakery

Helping Other Farms

Helping Other Farms

FSF is just about to complete an extensive agricultural watering system at the farm of Ken and April Ball near Buena Vista, PA.   This project includes over 2500’ of pipeline 8 frost free hydrants and pads and 3 frost free

Our breads are made using only natural unprocessed… > Learn More

Beef sold with our label is born and raised on our farm. Our Angus cattle are… > Learn More

Trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses that are native to Southwestern PA are grown and sold at Friendship Farms Native Plant Nursery.… > Learn More