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  An overview of Friendship Farms   Welcome to the Costello Family farm.  Our Farm, Native Plant Nursery, and Natural Bread Bakery, are located in the Laurel Highlands, in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  A visit to our picturesque farm will take you back to a time when you could buy your meat directly from a farmer or smell homemade bread baking in a hearth oven.  Here you will see a working, productive family farm.  Our cows can be seen grazing peacefully in the fields with their calves.  Acres of hay and grain, grown with sustainable methods, blanket the landscape.  Visitors can also stroll through our native plant nursery and learn about trees, shrubs, and grasses native to Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Friendship Farms is home to three generations of our family; Mrs. Naomi Costello, her sons Mike and Joe,and Joe's five children:  Rebecca, Joey, twins Sarah and Jessica, and little Hannah.  The farm is also a playground for our dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and a variety of wildlife.

     The family's farming history began in the 1960's.  Our father, Mike Costello - a native of Pleasant Unity, Pennsylvania - returned from the service and graduated from medical school.  He and his wife, Naomi decided to move back to his hometown to raise a family.  They purchased a run-down farm with a beautiful view of Chestnut Ridge and the surrounding countryside and began restoring the land to its original beauty.  Over the years, the farm became a way of life for Mike, Naomi, and their six 
children.  With a strong do-it-yourself philosophy, the family did most of the hands-on farming, building, and conservation projects.  Naomi, a native of Washington, DC, gave up a promising career in child psychology, to raise a large family and help run and manage the farm.  Mike, a pathologist at the local hospital, was just as comfortable working outside on various farm projects as he was in the lab.  An avid hunter and nature enthusiast, he was energetic in planting trees, shrubs, and cover plots for wildlife habitat throughout the farm.
Our Christmas Tree field      Although still close to the farm, our family scattered a bit as several of our brothers and sisters left to pursue careers and families of their own.  Two of us, Mike and Joe, decided to continue our parents' endeavors on the farm.  Over a period of time, we expanded the farm business into the three parts in operation today.
We bake natural breads and other products and sell them at the farm and select stores around Pittsburgh.  Our breads are made from scratch with spring water, unbleached and untreated flours, and organic whole wheat flours and grains.  Our Angus range-fed beef is sold by the side and individual cuts to customers at our retail store.  The beef is  from cattle born and raised naturally on our farm.  No hormones or medicated feed are used.  Both the beef and bread products are shipped to customers in Pittsburgh and the tri-state area.  Our native plant nursery raises and sells trees and shrubs native to the region to retail and wholesale customers.  Our land improvement service installs agricultural, conservation, and natural landscaping for private landowners, non-profit groups, and municipalities.  Our family and staff invite you to visit us and to experience a modern working farm.  Come and enjoy the wide variety of products we have to offer!
Straight from our blueberry patch!

Bakery Hours:
Mon. thru Fri.  10am - 6pm
Sat.  10am - 3pm.
Plants and beef are available Mon. thru Sat. - 
daytime or by appointment.
We are closed the day of and the day before all major holidays.

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